Sunday, April 17

Day 7: What Tattoos Do You Have & What Do They Mean?

I've been putting this one off, I'm not going to lie. Why? I have a LOT of tattoos. *sighs* Here we go. Day 7 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge: What Tattoos Do I Have & What Do They Mean?

Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Left arm/Hand: Myriad of Stars/Bats/Cherries/Anchor/Musical Items / What they mean: Nothing. I like them. They're fun. It's a work in progress.

  2. Right arm/hand: Roses/Skulls/"LOVE" / What they mean: Life/Death. I'm a big believer in keeping things grounded and real. 
  3. Right arm: "Veritas Aequitas"/ "Be Brazen" / What they mean: "Truth & Justice" - This speaks to me. I'd rather be honest and have integrity than ever lie. Brazen is my sister Lisa's band, and she has the same tattoo in the same place. 
  4. Right arm: Heartbeat with Treble Clef / What it means: BFF Tattoo with my girl Melody. Hers is on her chest. 
  5. Right calf, outside: Roses with banner that says "Caleb" / What it means: Pretty obvious - my oldest son Caleb. 
  6. Right calf, inside: Roses/tribal, "Layne" in a petal that says "Layne" / What it means: Again, pretty obvious - my youngest son Layne. 
  7. Upper right arm: Fallen angel, unfinished / What it means: I've often felt out of place. Like a fallen angel. 
  8.  Outer left calf/ankle: Skull & bones in a spider's web/rose growing out of an ankh / What it means: Again, life/death. Also, the rose/ankh symbol were about fertility - I was told at 16 I'd never have kids. (SURPRISE!!) 
  9. Left foot: Star / What it means: My sister Lacie has the same tattoo in the same place. She's my shining star. <3 
  10. Left side of chest: Stars / What they mean: Not a thing. It was one of the first pieces Ray did, and is in desperate need of covering, but my chest is a hard place for me to have work done on, especially the left side, due to a car accident back in 2004. So this may be here for good - we shall see. 
  11. Center of back: Lesbian Pride Penguins/Chinese Symbol for Wife / What they mean: "Wife" matches Ray's "Husband" - it's also apparently a symbol for "Love" in another language, so it works out just fine as far as I'm concerned. The penguins are my matching ink with Jenny Pants; we have the same tattoo in the same place. <3 I love that girl. <3 (Ray's gay penguin helped these come to fruition.) 

So there you have it. I'm a work in progress; I have a lot more coming, including one more sister-matching tattoo, as well as a matching tattoo with one of my oldest friends.

I don't believe ever piece you have has to "mean something"; I'm 100% okay with "It's art, and I love it." :)

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