Friday, May 11

Stop 'Yer Whinin'!

I bet I've thought this 500 times this week. Just cut it out. I know you didn't get the promotion you thought you deserved. I know you didn't like how things worked out with that guy you were dating. I know things are shitty at home. Listen, I get it. I understand.

But stop 'yer whinin'!

Every single day we do things we're not happy about. Heck, some days I wonder if that's all my schedule says: "Do shit you don't want to do." You're not alone here, let me assure you. Somewhere, someone is just as pissed off about the way their day is going as you are *right now*.

I'm a big believer in making your own way in this world: No one's going to haul your shit around but you, soldier, so suck it up. Am I saying you should never feel down or depressed about what's happening around you? Of course not. I am, however, saying that it's time to stop whining about it and start doing the things you need to do to make shit better.

I have to give a huge shout out to Erika Napoletano right now. In case you don't read it (and you SHOULD), her blog is amazing, and often gives me the (bitch)slap I need. Like this one, that prompted me to get off my ass and do something. Read it. You'll feel better about your life.

And seriously.....stop 'yer whinin'.