Tuesday, January 3

Why I'm Glad I'm a Geek Girl

It's after 1am. I'm sitting here watching Breaking Bad (which, if you haven't watched yet, you should, because it's amazing) and thinking. My brain is literally teeming with ideas, plans, thoughts....all of them more expansive and impressive than the last.

I learned some very difficult lessons in the last year - difficult, frustrating, angering, humbling lessons. 2011 was much, much harder than I expected it to be. Family health issues, employment issues, life plan issues, financial issues...the list is long and winding, to be sure. Through it all, I attempted to remain calm, cool, collected and not stressed. (Did you snicker there? I sure did... ) I had days where I thought I was going to unravel - and not necessarily at the seams. There were many nights of sleeplessness, many days of worry, many  "What on earth am I doing??"-like thoughts going through my mind.

So how does 2011 being a total crap shoot pertain to this blog post? It's a brand new day. Nay, a brand new year. Furthermore, I am a Geek Girl. And as you're about to find out, Geek Girls rule.

I've decided I'm going to make 2012 my year. In case you haven't already (for shame!), check out this post - it explains that a little more fully. When I decided this, I hadn't quite decided yet how I was going to make this miracle happen...I just knew it was going to. It seemed like a bit of a mountain, sure, but I'm more stubborn than most people realize (maybe even myself...). Then I came to one very amazing, wonderful conclusion:

I'm smart enough to make things happen in my own life.

Read that line again. It bears repeating. And hey, do us both a favour: When you read it again, substitute "I'm" with "You're" and "my" with "your". You'll thank me later, I promise.

I'm smart enough, I'm capable enough, and I'm determined enough to make things happen in my own life. Why? Because, like other amazing Geek Girls out there (heck, there's even a #hashtag!), I'm intelligent, I'm able, and most of all, I'm willing to kick my own ass when I need it kicked. Let's be honest - sometimes there's no one else strong enough to do it. Most of us Geek Girls are also exceptionally strong-willed.

Part of my plan for making 2012 "The Year of Me" includes working on my own things. After all, we all want to be happy and feel accomplished and successful. Another part is about being proactive in encouraging and supporting others in finding their passion. I recently had a conversation in which some of my oldest and closest friends discussed whether or not we were "missing our calling". In that conversation, I realized that many of us were doing what we were "supposed" to do, what we "have" to do, etc. None of us were following our dreams, none of us were doing, as another Geek Girl friend of mine described, "What, when you do it, envelopes you in it so entirely that you literally think if nothing but what you are doing? That's called flow. What makes your heart sing?". (Thanks, Jules. You're brilliant.)

I am a Geek Girl. I get excited about technology and gadgets and Blurays, I love Facebook and Twitter and Google+, I make my Geek Husband proud, I love a good blog, my set is set aflutter at the thought of a new way of doing things. I'm smart enough to know that because I'm a Geek Girl, I will make 2012 The Year of Me.

And I'd be thrilled to help you make it The Year of You, too.

Monday, January 2

I Wasn't Kidding....

I'm starting 2012 with a bang. I refuse to simply sit back and wait for things to happen - I will MAKE them happen. I will not sit idly by and depend on the word of others - I will MAKE things happen.

Guess what, 2012? I'm turning 35 in a few short weeks, and you should know right now...big things are coming. 35 and 2012 are going to be nothing short of phenomenal.

I can't wait to look back at this and smile because I've made myself proud - of ME.

Sunday, January 1

2012: The Year of Me

There's not much more to be said; the title of this post says it all.

I'm done "trying"...I'm about to start doing.

I'm finished "hoping"....I'm about to start acting.

I'm through with "wanting"...I'm about to start having.

2012 is the year of ME. And what a year it will be.