Thursday, April 14

Day 6: Someone Who Fascinates You & Why

Well HELLO there, dear readers! It is I, back for Day 6 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! Today's topic: Someone who fascinates me - and WHY!

Now, here's the thing: I'm a people person. I always have been. People in general fascinate me - though admittedly, not always for "good" reasons. *sighs dramatically* There are some very, very....challenging....people out there. Lots of people catch my eye for lots of different reasons, so this challenge is especially difficult for me; how do I narrow it down to ONE person? DO I pick living people, or dead people? Do I pick people I actually know, or not? TOO MANY DECISIONS!! (I don't know why we're yelling!!)

So, because I'm me, I'm changing this one around a little. Here are, in no particular order, FIVE people who fascinate me, and why:

  1. Adolf Hitler: Yes, I realize this isn't "PC". Don't care. I am utterly fascinated by him, and have been for as long as I can recall. Maybe it's more the "what he did" than the "who he was" thing, sure, but still. A single man somehow managed to turn an entire people into what amounted to killing machines. That, I'm sorry, is fascinating. Charisma at its' worst? Possibly so.
  2. Wyatt Earp: Was he a "good guy"? Some say yes. Was he a "bad guy"? Some say yes. I started reading Encyclopedia Britannica when I was very young, as I'd often run out of books (I steamed through them like mad), and I remember having to read every single thing I could about this man and the shootout at the OK Corral. To this day, "Tombstone" is my favourite movie. "I'm your Huckleberry."
  3. Anyone who has spatial thought ability: Canadian vs American Sky Wheel (of Death). I think I've said all that needs saying here, people. (If you don't know what I'm referring to here, just assume I'm an idiot without spatial thought ability and understand that if you ask Eli about this, he'll happily tell you the story, all while laughing himself sick.)
  4. The Count of Monte Cristo: Imagine, just for a moment, having that kind of patience. Imagine the pure dedication to the end game. Imagine possessing the ability to live that lie. That is truly fascinating.
  5. Me: I'm constantly changing; I am an entirely different person than I was even 5 years ago. I can't wait to see what's next.
Who fascinates you? Why? I want to know!

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