Thursday, September 15

Brilliant or Insane? Game On!

There comes a time in your life where you take yourself by the hand, walk yourself down a scary little path into a shadowy, wooded area and say, "Okay now,'s time to take the next step." Then comes the fun part - watching to see whether you'll take the step, or run screaming back into the light. (I make it sound joyous, no?)

That scary walk happened this week for me - I've started a new venture. Whether or not it'll work, only time will tell. Whether or not I've completely lost my mind, only time will tell. Whether, as the title of this post asks, I'm brilliant or insane, only time will tell. Obviously I'm hopeful that I'm brilliant, but if I'm completely honest there's a pretty good chance I'm certifiable.

I recently read a blog post by the awesome Lindsay Bell that rattled me to the core. Not because she's a fantastic writer (which she is) or because the topic was fantastic (which it was), but because the timing of it couldn't possibly have been better had she said, "Hey Tab - what do you think I should write about that would reach out and touch your brain?" Her post is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable - something many of us simply hate even attempting - and why it's important to take those little journeys.

For me, planning the trip isn't hard. Talking about the trip isn't hard. Getting my shoes on to walk the path isn't hard. Dropping myself off outside of that shadowy, wooded area and saying "Okay....go!!"...that's hard. I almost wish I could halve myself - at least then I'd be able to give myself a push, right? Alas, I have to stare into that shadowed, scary area and say to myself, "Alright...let's do this."

I've done it. I've started what may or may not be the coolest, greatest, most fun and brilliant thing I've ever done, or the craziest, off-the-wall, most insane thing I've ever done. Right now, I have no idea which it is. Am I comfortable being uncomfortable? I'd love to tell you "Hell yes I am!", but I'd be lying. Right now I'm more in a place of "Okay, the first step has been taken. Let's just get some footing and see how the next step forward feels." However, and this is the part that I think is really cool, I'm on the path to getting there.

But you know what? That's a lot further than I was yesterday. :)

Thanks, Lindsay - you've been a great source of inspiration and believe-in-myself the last few months. Pretty good for someone I've never met, huh? 


Lindsay Bell said...

Whoa. As I've already said to you on Twitter, your kind words, and the very idea that I might have been even an *ounce* of your inspiration behind your stunningly brave new venture has moved me to the core. Thank you. I'm all verklempt over here! You will kill it, I have every faith. And the fact that we've never met IRL...? Just underscores the power of social media. Because you, me dear, are a true friend. xox :)

Tab said...

Ah darlin', you're awesome! :) I agree - social media is an amazingly powerful thing, no? Just think...two Maritime gals kickin' up a storm on that "internets" thing...whoda thunk it??

So glad to have you in my corner! xox :)