Tuesday, February 1

It's A Brand New World!

Yeah okay, I know. I take too long between posts, I don't blog enough, I'm a slacker....I got it. And you're right, and I should write more. Mmmhmm. Now that I've been chastised (and agreed! Don't forget I agreed!), can we move on? Please?

So I won't bother regaling you with all the backup nonsense, but sufficed to say, I'm on the next chapter. I know it's the next chapter because it's new and fun and I'm excited. Uh....can I just take a moment to say this:


Seriously. Yay. It's how I feel. I mean, a few months ago I was sitting at home feeling like I was going to be at home forEVER; I was having a really difficult time with the whole "being at home" thing, and yet because of where we were living, I didn't think I'd be able to find a job I'd like. I even tried the whole "from home work" thing, and THAT didn't work out, either. So yeah...it was a little depressing. When we made the decision to move home, I honestly thought I was condemning myself to an even longer sentence of "at home"-dom, but the move was "The Right Thing To Do". Aaaaaah, sacrifice. How I loathe thee.

HOWEVER! Here we are, just one short month later, and I'm EXCITED and HAPPY about what I'm doing! Who would have guessed? Certainly not me - let me tell you a little about the place I currently live in. Small towns are notorious for being "behind" technologically - this place is no different. Sure there are lots of businesses here, including successful small businesses. They're just a little behind in terms of learning to use the tools that are available to them when it comes to things like marketing, customer happiness, etc. I don't say this condescendingly, by the way - I have great respect for people who run businesses! I think it's just that on this end of the country, we're oftentimes more concerned with making it work than worrying about things like online marketing, websites, e-commerce, etc.

I'm happy to say that I'm getting the chance to educate and be a part of something that I absolutely love being a part of - how many people get to say that?? I feel good about where I'm at - it's a great feeling! Especially since I'm really not very good at being at home. In fact, I'm downright horrible at it. I'm a thinker. I must think!

So stay tuned...I think maybe I'll stick around a while.

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